Words From the Owner: Christina Zhou


"Gymnastics, a unique sport that represents beauty, power and strength, is the best thing that ever happened to my life. I want to share the thrilling fun of gymnastics and the benefits of gaining confidence and fitness with our young Texans. GYMTEX quality gymnastics saves you time and money. Our fun, safer, and progressive learning method will sharpen your mind and unearth your inner strength for life! Join GYMTEX today! You'll be glad you did!"

About the Owner:

Before coming US 28 years ago, Christina was teaching at East China Normal University, one of sixteen key universities in China. She has a Master's Degree in Education and the lifetime title of Sports Master, the highest honor for sports in China. Her four theses have been published in China and in US Sports Symposiums. After opening GYMTEX 10 years ago, Christina, as an expert in gymnastics, has greatly impacted thousands of children's lives. She has named as the Fort Bend Finalist of Outstanding Woman in Executive Leadership Category for the year 2004.